How to insert delta symbol in Excel | 6 Ways to insert (Δ) change symbol

In this article, we’ll cover 7 ways to insert delta symbol in excel from copy pasting delta letter (Δ) to using autocorrect to add the delta sign or the change symbol.

In excel you have a wide variety of symbols to choose from such as degree symbol, cent symbol and even tick marks like checkbox and checkmark.

In this tutorial I have only covered Greek Capital Delta Letter Symbol (Δ). If you want to add other delta symbols you can use the same methods.

What is Delta Symbol in Excel?

Delta symbol is heavily used in mathematics. It can represent a number, function or even an equation in maths. In layman’s term, it represents “change”. Delta letter (Δ) denotes the change between 2 values. You can read more about Delta Sign (Δ) here.

Now let’s go back to excel and look at how to type delta symbol.

Copy & Paste to add Delta Symbol

This is the easiest method. Just copy the below delta sign and paste it in Excel.

Copy the delta sign, go to an excel cell. Double click the cell or press F2 and paste the delta sign (CTRL + V)


Now you can copy and paste it as many times you want. This works best when there are only a few cells where you have to insert the sign but it’s better to use a formula when inserting it in 10s or 100s of cells.

You can use this delta sign as well ▲in case you wish to add a filled triangle delta. Depending on your preference you can go for a filled or non-filled triangle delta.

Delta keyboard shortcut to insert a Delta Sign (Workaround)

  1. Select the cell where you want to insert the delta sign.
  2. Double click or press F2 to go into edit mode.
  3. Press ATL + 30 (Hold ALT key and then press 30 from numeric keypad of your keyboard)

Note: This is going to work if you have a 10 key numeric keyboard. If you don’t first enable Num lock then use this delta keyboard shortcut.

Also do remember that in excel there is no specific delta alt code or ascii delta which you can use to add delta sign.

Add Delta letter by changing font to symbol

 If you want to add delta letter to a cell and nothing else meaning the cell would only have the delta letter. Then do the following:

  1. Type D in cell where you want to insert delta letter.

  2. Change Font to ‘Symbol’

You can now see the delta letter in A2. But remember this method is only good until there is no other text in cell apart from the letter. As we have changed the font in this cell, if you insert any text it’ll also get changed.

Insert Delta Symbol in Excel using Symbol Feature

This is also a very common way to put a delta symbol in excel.

  1. Select the cell where you want to insert delta symbol.

  2. Go to Insert tab, under symbols group select Symbol.

  3. In Symbols dialog box, open drop down menu of Subset Select “Greek and Coptic”. You can now see various symbols, select the excel delta symbol and hit Insert.

  4. Now the delta has been inserted in the cell.

To insert more delta change symbol just copy the inserted one and paste it in other cells or just drag to other cells to copy.

How to insert Δ change symbol in Excel using CHAR Formula

If you like working with formulas then just type =CHAR(112) for filled triangle delta and type =CHAR(114) for non-filled triangle delta symbol.

Do make sure to use this formula, you have to first change your font to Wingdings 3.

Because when we use CHAR(112) or CHAR(114), Excel return ANSI character (ü). Under wingdings 3 font this character represents change symbol so the font converts it to a delta character.

How to get delta symbol in Excel using AutoCorrect

If you insert delta symbol in excel everyday then this method is best for you. Excel AutoCorrects misspelled words automatically. But don’t worry it’s not as terrible as AutoCorrect on iPhone.

  1. Go to File tab and select Options.

  2. In Options dialog box, select Proofing. Now select ‘AutoCorrect Options’ button.

  3. In the opened dialog box, do the following:
    1. Write DLTSYM in Replace
    2. Copy & paste Δ (This symbol) in With

      Click Add then OK.

Now go to any cell and type DLTSYM. Excel will automatically change it to delta symbol. You can type any text to auto correct it to Δ symbol, I have used DLTSYM just for my reference.

Do keep in mind the following things to use this effectively:

  1. The value in Write field is case sensitive, so if you type dltsym it’ll not change to delta symbol.
  2. The changes might all get applied to other Microsoft Office applications like Word, Powerpoint etc.
  3. Also while typing if you insert any other text/number before or after DLTSYM it’ll get not get converted to delta symbol if there is no space. Example: ‘45DLTSYM’ will not get converted while ‘45 DLTSYM will get converted to ‘45 Δ

Do learn about Excel AutoCorrect to understand the functionality and its working better.

Using Conditional Formatting

We can use conditional formatting to add delta character. This method doesn’t change the value in cells, it’s just change the way the content of cell gets displayed.

Cell D2 has the value C2-B2 which you can see in the formula bar. But the value which the cell is displaying is Δ 10. This method is widely use in creating dashboards as we don’t want to change the values of cells always.

  1. Select all the cells where you wish to add delta symbol.

  2. Press CTRL + 1 or right click and select Format Cells

  3. In the dialog box, under Number tab select Custom from left pane.

  4. Under Type field just type: Δ General; Δ -General;

  5. Click OK and now you can see that the delta symbol is added to all the selected cells.


That was all about how to insert delta symbol in excel.

I hope this article was helpful to you and explained you all about change symbol and working with delta sign in excel.

If you have any questions or tips, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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