Excel Round Down | Formula to Round Down in Excel

Round down in excel is used to round down numerical values. It’s a variation of excel round formula.

Let’s see how this variation is different.

Example: We decide to round off the numerical value 57.

By using round function excel will return the value 60 as it’ll round the value to nearest 10.
But if we use excel round down formula then the return value will be 50, as excel will down the value.

In case you’re interested you checkout our tutorial on other variations like Excel Round Formula and Excel Roundup Formula.

Now let’s see how round down in excel works.

Excel Round Down Formula Syntax

Below is the syntax for the formula.

=ROUNDDOWN(Number, Number_Digits)

Number: is the numerical value to be rounded down.
Number_Digits: is the number of decimal places you want excel to round down the number to.

Note: The argument Number_Digits can be positive or negative. Positive indicates the value will get rounded to the right of decimal point and negative indicates the value will be rounded to the left.
0 means it’ll be rounded to nearest 1.

How to round down in Excel

  1. Type =ROUNDDOWN(A2,2) and hit enter.

    The numerical value will be round down in excel up-to 2 decimal places to right.

  2. Type =ROUNDDOWN(A2,-2) and hit enter.

    The value will be rounded down up-to 2 decimal places to left.

I hope now you know how to use excel round down formula. Let’s look at some more examples of round down in excel.

Excel Round Down to Nearest Whole Number

We can use the formula to round down to the nearest whole number.
0 tells excel to round up to a whole number.

Excel Round Down to nearest 5

Type =ROUNDDOWN(A2,-0.5)

-0.5 tells excel to round down to nearest 5.

Excel Round Down to nearest 100

Type =ROUNDDOWN(A2,-2)

-2 will tell excel to round down to 2 decimal places from left i.e. to nearest 100

Excel Round Down to nearest 1000

Type =ROUNDDOWN(A2,-3)

-3 will round down to nearest 1000 in excel.

Other Round Functions in Excel

Do checkout other round formulas in excel.

  1. Excel round formula to round values normally
  2. Excel round up formula to round up to nearest values.


This was all about excel round down.

We hope know you know how to round down in excel as well as how to round down to nearest whole number, 5, 100 and 100.

In case you have any doubts or suggestion, do leave a comment below.
Happy learning 🙂

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