Formula Bar in Excel | Hide, Show & Expand

In excel after you write formulas you see the final value in the cell and the formula in the excel formula bar.

In this article we’ll learn what is formula bar, where is formula bar and how to hide formula bar in excel.

Definition of Formula Bar in Excel

You can see excel formula bar above the columns. You can use it to write formula or text in a cell and view the same.

It’s often used when you’re writing a long formula or in case you want to view existing formulas in the cells. To activate the excel formula just start typing in any cell or click on the excel formula bar.

Hope this explains, what is formula bar in excel.

Show Formula Bar in Excel

If the formula bar is missing in excel then it means someone hide the formula bar. Let’s see how to add formula bar in excel.

  1. As you can see the formula bar in excel is missing.

  2. Go to View tab and select Show option.

  3. Check the Formula Bar option.

  4. This is how you show formula bar in excel.

How to Hide Formula Bar in Excel

We’ll use the same steps as above to hide the formula bar:

  1. Right now you can see that the formula bar in excel is visible.

  2. Go to View tab and select Show option.

  3. Uncheck the Formula Bar option.

  4. This is how you make formula bar in excel disapper.

How to Expand Formula Bar in Excel

 In case you’re writing a long formula then expanding the formula bar might come in handy so that you can view and edit the entire formula easily.

  1. Take mouse pointer to the bottom of the formula bar until mouse pointer becomes up-down arrow.

  2. Left click and drag the mouse pointer down to expand the formula bar in excel.

Insert Function in Formula Bar

You can use the Function (fx) button to choose and insert the formula in the formula bar, let’s see how:

  1. Click on the (fx) button which is located on the left side of the formula bar.

  2. From the Formula Builder window, find and Insert Function on the formula bar.

Other Important Formulas

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This was all about formula bar in excel.

Hope you now know definition of formula bar in excel, where is formula bar in excel, how to show formula bar in excel and much more.

In case you have any suggestions or questions do share them in the comment section below.

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