How To Hide Sheets in Excel | 3 Quick Steps

In excel we can create different sheets to store different data.

There could be a situation where you want to hide sheet in excel so that other users can’t access that excel sheet.

In this article we’ll learn how to hide sheet in excel easily so that you can hide and unhide sheets.

Excel Hide Sheet Process

Follow the below steps to learn how to hide sheet in excel:

  1. Go and select the sheet which we want to hide. In case you want to select multiple sheets hold CTRL and click on the sheets.

  2. Right click and select Hide option from the list.

  3. The selected sheet will be hidden from the view.

Do note that you cannot hide all sheets in excel, at least one sheet should be always visible.

Hide sheets in excel using ribbon

The other method to hide sheet tabs in excel is by using the Hide options under Home tab, let’s see:

  1. Go and select the sheet which we want to hide.

  2. Go to Home tab and select Format option.

  3. From the drop down go to Hide & Unhide and select Hide Sheet option.

  4. We have hidden sheet in excel.

You can also use the sequence Alt, H, O, U, S to repeat the above steps quickly.
Do note there is no shortcut to hide sheet in excel but you can use the sequence by selecting the mentioned keys on your keyboard one after the other.

Each key in sequence selects an option in the excel, so this is how the sequence to hide sheets in excel work:
Alt: Show the keys across all options

H: opens the Home tab
O: opens the Format option
U: opens Hide and Unhide option
S: selects the Hide Sheet option

How to unhide sheet in Excel

To see hidden sheet in excel and unhide them follow the below steps:

  1. Select any available sheet.

  2. Right click and select Unhide option.

  3. From the dialog box, select one or multiple to unhide sheet in excel and click OK.

  4. Done, the sheets are now unhidden.

How to hide workbook in Excel

 You can also hide entire workbook in excel, let’s see how:

  1. Go to the View tab. Under Window options select Hide option.
  2. This will hide workbook in excel.

How to unhide workbook in Excel

To unhide workbook in excel, follow below steps:

  1. To unhide go back to View tab. Under Windows option select the Unhide option.

  2. Select the workbook which you want to unhide and click Ok.

  3. This will unhide workbook in excel.

Other Important Formulas

Here’s are some more important tutorials which might help you:

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This was all about excel hidden sheets.

Hope this tutorial helped you learn how to hide sheet in excel , unhide sheet and also how to hide workbook in excel.

If you have any doubts you can share them in the comment section below, our team will help you.

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