How to delete page in word – Remove Blank & Extra Pages

While working in Microsoft Word it’s possible that you inserted a blank page by mistake.
These blank pages could result in a bad impression on your readers.

So in this article we’ll cover how to delete page in word document so that you can quickly remove the empty pages. We’ll also touch upon how to delete page in word with content if you want to.

Let’s get started.

How to delete blank page in microsoft word

When you’re writing something in word, it’s possible that you might have added a blank page in the middle or at the end of the word document.

You can easily delete the page in Microsoft word by following these steps:

  1. If your document is pretty long, it’ll be hard to find the blank page in the document as you’ll have to scroll endlessly to find the page. So here’s a quick way to first find the page.
    Go to View tab.

  2. From the option select Navigation Pane.

  3. Navigation Pane will display all the page without the document on the left side.
    Depending on your Microsoft Word version you might see the view slightly different than the image below.

  4. If you’re on old version select “Pages” option from the Navigation Pane.

  5. Select the page and press Delete key on your keyboard or use Backspace to delete the page in Microsoft word. This will remove the empty page.

There is one quick way to see the paragraph markers that you have inserted in the document, so that you can remove them easily.

  • Use shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+8 (Windows) or CMD+8 (Mac) to see the paragraph markers.

  • Select the markers and press Delete or Backspace from you keyword to delete the markers.

How to delete a page in word having content

Let’s say you’re writing a report which is of 3 pages, and you realized that the content in page 2 is not needed.

You can remove the extra page in word easily using the below steps:

  1. Select the entire content on page by using your cursor to drag and select.

  2. Finally, either press the DELETE key or the BACKSPACE key.
    This will delete the entire selected content thus deleting the page in the word document.

Note: In case you delete page in ms word by mistake, to recover the page just use the shortcut CTRL+Z to undo the deletion.


This was all about how to delete page in word.

We hope this article covered everything you wanted to know from how to delete a blank page to also how to delete page from Microsoft word with content.

If there is any other topic you would like us to cover or have any questions, please share it in the comments below.

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