How to insert comment in Excel | Delete & Print Excel Comments

In this article we’ll learn how to add comments in excel, how to print comment in excel and how to delete comment in excel.

What are Excel Comments?

Excel comments are just notes in excel which can be added to different excel cells. This is what a comment looks like:

While collaborating with other people, you make want to leave notes to share thoughts/opinions or just to explain why a particular things was done in the worksheet. Instead of writing & sharing mails you can simply add notes in excel in form of excel comments.

Insert a comment in Excel

  1. In the sheet, first select the cell where you want to add a note.
  2. Right click and select Insert Comment.

  3. Type the comment in the box and click outside the box to save the excel comment. The text will automatically wrap, just press Enter to insert a new line.

  4. You have inserted an excel comment. You can see a red triangle on top right corner. Click that to view the comment.

Show all comments in excel

Let’s say you have added multiple comments in a single worksheet and now you want to view each one. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Review tab, under Comments click Show All Comments.

  2. Now all the comments would be visible on the sheet.

  3. If you want to hide the comments just select Show All Comments

Hide excel comments

Let’s say you made one comment visible and now you want to hide it again then:

  1. Just right click the cell containing the comment and click Hide Comment.

This will hide the comment / note of that cell.

Text formatting in Excel comment

Just like you can change the font size & style of text, you can do the same with comments if you want.

  1. Right click the cell which contains the excel comment and select Edit Comment.

  2. Select the entire text or that part which you want to format. Go to Home tab, under Font you can play with the font style, font family and font size.

  3. When you have made the changes just click outside the comment box.

How to delete comment in excel

Just select the cells whose comments you want to delete. Right click and select Delete Comment.

This will just delete comments in excel which you selected.

Print comments in Excel

You can print excel comments being displayed on the worksheet or also print comments at the end of the sheet.

Print comments in Excel as Displayed on sheet

  1. First either select all cells or set of cells whose comments you want to get displayed. And under Review tab select Show All Comments.
  2. Now go to Page Layout tab, under page setup click Dialog Launcher at right bottom.

  3. Under Sheet tab, open Comments drop-down and select ‘As displayed on sheet’.

  4. Click Ok. Now go to File click Print, set your preferred settings and print the worksheet.

Print comments in Excel at end of worksheet

  1. Go to File, select Print and click Page Setup.

  2. In the dialog box go to Sheet tab, open Comments drop-box and select ‘At end of sheet’.

  3. Click OK and now choose your preferred print settings and print the sheet.

Excel print comments is although rarely used as comments are generally for reference but you can follow the above steps if you want to print them.


That was all about how to add notes in excel.

I hope this article was helpful to you and explained to you the ways to insert comment in excel, print comments, delete notes in excel and much more.

If you have any questions or tips, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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