Odd Function in Excel | 3 Step Quick Guide

Odd function in excel helps us round number to the next odd integer. The rounding happens away from zero meaning that positive numbers are rounded up and negative numbers are rounded down.

In this article we’ll learn how to use odd formula in excel and much more.



Number is the value you want to round to the next odd integer.

How to use odd function in excel

Let’s see odd function example to check how different values are rounded to odd integer:
0, -2.5, 2.7, 1, 3.5, -25, 9.1, 32


  1. You can only apply the odd function to single cell and not a cell range.

  2. In case the entered number is equally away from two ODD numbers then it’ll be rounded up. Let’s see an example, if you enter 32 then it’s 1 away from 33 and 1 away from 31, so in this odd formula will round it up to 33.

  3. If you get #VALUE error, it could be because the value entered is non-numeric.

ISODD Function

The excel ISODD function is similar to ISEVEN function. Where we use ISODD function to find out if the value is odd or not.

The formula either returns TRUE meaning it’s odd number or returns FALSE meaning the number is not odd.

Count ODD Values

In case you want to count number of odd values in excel you can use ISODD formula and COUNTIF formula together to do the same:

  1. Type =ISODD(A2) in cell B2 to check if the value is odd or not.

  2. Drag the formula in B2 to B9 so that same formula is copied to rest of the cells.

  3. Type =COUNTIF(B2:B5,TRUE) in cell D5 and press enter.

  4. COUNTIF will count the number of cells which has the value “TRUE” so indirectly helping us count number of odd values in excel

Other Important Formulas

Here’s are some more interesting articles around rounding in excel:

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That’s it for this article.

Hope you got to learn a lot about what is odd function in excel along with isodd function with the odd function example in the article.

In case of any questions or suggestion please share them in the comment box below and our team will help you.

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