How to remove Hyperlinks in Excel | With 2 Easy Clicks

In this short article, we’ll see how to remove hyperlinks in excel and even prevent excel from automatically creating hyperlinks.

Excel inserts hyperlinks automatically when we insert any email id or URL. And when we try to select the cell or double click to enter the edit mode, excel opens the hyperlink in the browser. This becomes pretty annoying when you’re working.

At such times, you feel a need to remove hyperlink in excel and event prevent excel from automatically creating hyperlinks. So let’s get started.

Remove Hyperlinks in 2 Easy Clicks

To remove links, first find links in excel that you want to remove.

  1. Select the cells with the hyperlinks.

  2. Right click and select ‘Remove Hyperlink’ from drop-down.

Done. The excel remove hyperlinks process is done. In case you wish you remove links from an entire column or entire sheet, just select the column or the sheet and repeat the above steps.

Edit Links in Excel

Let’s see how to edit a hyperlink in Excel.

  1. Select the cell with the hyperlink.

  2. Right click and select ‘Edit Hyperlink’ from drop-down.

  3. In the new dialog box, you can change the link and text too. Make your desired changes and hit Ok.

That’s how one edit links in excel.

Remove Hyperlinks Using VBA

VBA helps you to automate some part of the excel remove hyperlinks process. You have to create and save a macro which will remove hyperlinks. Copy the below code.

Sub RemoveAllHyperlinks()
‘Code by
End Sub

Now we need to insert the VBA code and create a macro.

  1. Once you have copied the code, go to Developer Tab and select Visual Basic.

  2. Right click on any Workbook Objects, go to Insert and select Module.

  3. Paste the copied code in the module.

  4. Close the Visual Basic editor.

The macro is saved and ready to be used. You can use the Macro by going to the Developer Tab or even add it to the Quick Access Toolbar for easy access.

Disable Automatic Hyperlinks in Excel

Now that we know how to remove links, it’s time to learn how to remove automatic hyperlink creation in excel.

  1. Go to File and select Options.

  2. In the dialog box select Proofing under the left column and click on AutoCorrect Options.

  3. In the AutoCorrect Options dialog box, first go to ‘AutoFormat As You Type’ tab then uncheck the option ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’

  4. Click Ok

Now excel won’t create hyperlinks automatically whenever you entre an email or any URL. And if you want to create a hyperlink simply use the shortcut CTRL+K which will open the Inert Hyperlink dialog box.


That was all about excel remove hyperlinks process.

I hope this article was helpful to you and explained you all about how to remove links in excel, editing links in excel and much more.

If you have any questions or tips, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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