What is Excel Range? | Quick Guide

Excel range is collection or a group of 2 or more cells. The cells don’t have to be necessarily next to each other or adjacent.

Now let’s see the various aspects of excel range.

Selecting Excel Range

  1. First select the initial cell, click on the cell which you want to select. The border around the cell represents that the cell has been selected.

  2. Now left-click & hold the mouse on the selected cell. Now start dragging your cursor to select cells in any direction you want.

  3. Leave the left-click and voila. You now have selected a range of cells

  4. To select an entire row as range of cells, click on the row header.

  5. To select an entire column as range of cells, select column header

Range Excel Examples

  1. Vertical Range: Here the range of selected cells are vertical.

  2. Horizontal Range: Here the range of selected cells are horizontal.

  3. Mixed Range: The selected range of cells is mixed i.e mix of horizontal & vertical ranges.

  4. Multiple Selected Range: The selection of cells doesn’t have to be adjacent. You can select different cells by holding Ctrl and you’ll get a multiple selected range.

Filling a Range in Excel


  1. Enter the value in first cell

  2. Select the cell, click on the right bottom corner of the cell and start dragging it in any direction you want.

Automatic Filling Excel Range of Cells

  1. In excel, some types of values automatically gets auto-filled by excel. Examples- Month, dates, days etc.

  2. Let’s see month, just type January in one selected cell.

  3. Now start dragging the cells down. You can see that excel filled up rest of the month automatically.

  4. You can try this with dates, days and much more. We recommend checking out the article about AutoFill in excel.

Moving Range in Excel

Now let’s see how can you move a range in excel.

Method 1: (Dragging a Range)

  1. Select a range of cells and click on the border of the range.

  2. As soon as your cursor changes, click and drag the range to your desired location.

Method 2: (Copy/Paste a Range)

  1. Select the range of cells, right click and click copy/cut or you can press (CTRL + C)

  2. Now select the cell where the first cell of the selected range should be pasted. Right click and click Paste or press (CTRL + V)

Inserting Row & Column in Excel Range of cells

Now let’s see how to insert a row or a column in a excel range of cells.

  1. Select the row header above or below which you want to add another row.

  2. Right click and select insert above or below as you wish

  3. Let’s do the same with a column. First select the column header

  4. Now, right click and select insert. Voila, you have a new column in the range of cells.


Excel range is a good & one of the most basic concepts you have to understand to learn excel. I hope this article was helpful to you and explained you in depth what is excel range and working of range in excel.
If you have any questions or tips, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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